80-year-old lady arrested and fined in Katerini for selling homegrown Xorta

gria xorta

Following the arrest two weeks ago, of a 90-year-old lady in Thessaloniki, who was selling handknitted socks without a license, an 80-year-old lady in Katerini, Macedonia has now been given a 200 euro fine and arrested for attempting to sell homegrown Xorta (wild greens) without a license.

The old lady's son says she is distraught and no longer wants to leave her house.

The Pontian woman has been sentenced to appear in court after being arrested at a popular food market in Katerini, as she tried to sell 2.2 kilos of homegrown Xorta without a license and a “food handling” certificate.

According to her son who appeared on Greek television yesterday, the 80-year-old is afraid and no longer wants to leave her home.

Police officers argue they were only abiding by the law, stressing that if anyone attempts to sell produce at the food markets without permission, they will be arrested and fined.

According to reports, trade unionists have announced there is a proposal for legislation to prevent fines of this kind for people over 75 years of age.

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