Young British couple die in Santorini after their buggy plunged


Profitis Ilias view north from cape Akrotiri Santorini Greece

A young British couple in their 20’s died after their buggy plunged 200ft into a ravine while on holiday in Santorini.

The couple on holidays on Greece’ famous island were driving on the 1,853ft Profitis Ilias mountain on Sunday when the horror unfolded.

They were in a rented buggy on the Greek mountain, which is the island’s highest peak and a popular destination for holidaymakers.

Reports claim rescue crews struggled to get to the pair because the area was so remote.

The Brits were later declared dead at the scene and their bodies eventually removed from the ravine.

The British Foreign and Commonwealth Office confirmed the pair had died while in Santorini.

A spokesman said, “Our staff is assisting the families of two British people who have died on the island of Santorini and are in contact with Greek authorities.”