Greek PM one of few leaders to be granted high-level appointments in China

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Greece’s Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, is scheduled today to have dinner with CPC Politburo Standing Committee member Wang Yang, followed by bilateral meetings with Chinese Premier Li Keqiang (15:30 local time) and President Xi (17:00 local time) on the sidelines on the Belt and Road Initiative conference in Beijing.

The Greek Prime Minister will be attending the official opening ceremony on the morning of Good Friday, where China's President Xi Jinping will start the proceedings with a keynote address, and later speak at the Plenary Session of the High-level Dialogue.

Tsipras, who arrived in Beijing on Thursday, in order to take part in the second high-level forum of the Belt and Road Initiative is one of very few leaders with such high-level appointments scheduled.

The main focus of the Prime Minister's meetings in the Chinese capital will be to further deepen Greek-Chinese cooperation and boost Chinese investments in the coming period, especially in the high tech sector, logistics and financial sector.

Foreign Minister George Katrougalos, who is also in Beijing with the Prime Minister, has had a series of meetings in the Chinese capital since Thursday morning.

There are 150 countries participating in the forum, 37 of them at a heads of state and government level, while 90-plus international organisations are being represented, making up about 5,000 participants in total.