Snow falls during Springtime in Greece (VIDEO)



We may be in May, and it is Springtime in Greece, but temperatures dipped across the country and snow fell overnight in Nimfaio, Florina, turning the little town into a sight that would have you believe it is the peak of winter!

Locals from Nymfaio recorded a rare phenomenon on Tuesday morning as snow appeared throughout the entire town.


A video which was uploaded by Michalis Tsigris to his Facebook page, and shared by the National Observatory of Athens, shows it was more than just a few drops of snow recorded on the morning of Tuesday, May 7, at Nymfaio.

The National Observatory of Athens’ reported that the lowest temperatures were recorded in Edessa, Mount Parnassus, and Vasilitsa, where it went down to -4 degrees Celcius.

*Video courtesy of Michalis Tsigris