Beautiful little Alegra’s legacy helps raise over $483,500 to help find a cure for kids’ brain cancer

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The Little Legs Foundation, which has been set up by Sue-Ellan and Marino Vasiliou, in honour of their beautiful little girl Alegra, who lost her battle with brain cancer at the tender age of 6, raised an astonishing $483,563 at their first major event, with all money going towards helping find a cure for childhood brain cancer.

Speaking to GCT, Alegra’s mother Sue-Ellan said, “We are excited to announce that our very first major event The Little Legs Foundation Charity Gala Ball which took place at the end of March at the Doltone House Darling Island Wharf, in Sydney, has raised an incredible $483,563.00. All of which will be donated to our friends at The Charlie Teo Foundation- Funding Brain Cancer research.”

LLCB2019 505
*Alegra's parents Marino and Sue-Ellan Vasiliou, along with MC for the event Ben Fordham and Dr. Charlie Teo

Sue-Ellan and her husband Marino established the foundation in October 2017 and have worked tirelessly since then to raise as much awareness and funds to help save the lives of as many young children as possible, who are also faced with the same disease their gorgeous little girl tried hard to overcome.

“We have pledged to honour her and keep her memory alive through the foundation, helping aid in the fight against Brain Cancer, hurting too many of our little friends and their families. Brain Cancer in Australia kills more children than any other disease, yet is the least funded,” says Sue-Ellan.

The couple’s wonderful mission is to spread a message of hope and compassion. “We believe that a single action can make a difference in the community, and that collective action can greatly impact the world. Through sharing our story and raising much-needed awareness and funds, our team works each day to contribute their part to the ultimate goal of helping find a cure for childhood brain cancer.”

*Beautiful little Alegra

Six-year-old Alegra, sadly lost her battle only 10 months after her initial diagnosis, yet Sue-Ellan and Marino say their brave and sweet daughter, “made it seem okay that this disease lurked inside her. Alegra never let it define her. She went to school every day, swam, danced and attended gymnastics classes.”

Alegra’s gracious and compassionate parents have vowed to do as much as they can to ensure their beloved young girl’s legacy lives on and are determined to allow their little star to continue shining from above.

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“We are so grateful for all the love and support we have received and cannot thank those enough, who attended our Ball, sponsored us and made donations. Alegra will move mountains, not in the capacity we had dreamed of however she will continue to shine bright.”

* For those who wish to support or make a donation towards the Little Legs Foundation, you can find all the details here-littlelegsfoundation