Pancretan Association of Melbourne

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The Pancretan Brotherhood of Melbourne was formed in 1977 by a group of first Generation Migrants that had migrated to Australia from Greece. In 2008 it merged with the Rethimnian Association of Melbourne “ARKADI “which was formed in 1972 hence renaming the organisation: Pancretan Association of Melbourne – Australia.

The association promotes, educates and enhances the 2nd, 3rd and subsequent Generations of the Cretan values and ideals and traditions by organising educational, philanthropic, recreational, social and cultural activities. This includes learning about the rich cultural history, with hundreds of children having grown up been taught the Traditional Dances from Crete and general Cretan Traditions.

The Cretan Village in Wantirna South is the focal point for the Cretan activities of the Australian Community, and is home to the Association’s 500 seat reception Centre, Members Pavilion, 3 Tennis Courts, Children’s Playground, Office, a board room, youth area, a Cretan library/archive centre and a Cretan Music School were students would learn the Lyra, the Lute, the guitar, the mandolin etc.

Since 1972 the Pancretan Association has invited over 100 Cretan Musicians some of which are Crete’s biggest names in the industry, to perform the favourite traditional tunes from the motherland.

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With over 500 members, The Pancretan Association of Melbourne is quite strong in the Australian community, and continues to grow rapidly. Is managed by an Executive Committee, Board of Management, Advisory Council, Women’s Auxiliary, Youth Club, Senior and Junior Dance Groups, a Music School and a Veterans Soccer Team.

The Pancretan Association of Melbourne is well known around the world through its networking and affiliation to the National body the Cretan Federation of Australia and New Zealand and to the International peak body the World Council of Cretans.

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Source: The Pancretan Association of Melbourne