Horrific act of poisoning stray dogs is on the rise in Tripolis

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Over the last few years and especially in 2019, there have been many tragic cases of stray dogs being poisoned in Tripolis, with locals outraged and demanding action.

Only recently, twelve dogs were found poisoned and the toll is increasing, with local animal shelters taking legal action to try and find the criminals involved in these horrific acts of cruelty towards the animals.

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The penalties come with high fines and imprisonment but the police have not yet been able to catch any of the offenders, as most of these horrendous crimes take place in the early hours of the morning.

The Filozoiki Association of Tripoli has taken to social media, asking locals to try and help track down the offenders. "Over the last few years, we have seen repeated attacks that have been committed in the city of Tripoli and the surrounding areas. In the last year, the situation has intensified, resulting in dozens of dead animals and we are angered with this horrific act."

The association goes on to say, “These organised attacks on stray dogs that have become widespread practices in our city, reveals the immense failure of the state and the municipality to deal with the situation. What example is this showing our children who see dead dogs outside their school, knowing that these criminal acts are occurring with no punishment? Are we living in a civilized place or in a jungle where everyone can kill innocent living souls and get away with it?”

The Filozoiki Tripoli Association is trying to work with local authorities to find the criminals and is appealing for anyone with information to come forward and call: +30 693 283 9363.