Erdogan denies Pontic Genocide saying "Turks have nothing to be ashamed of"

Screen Shot 2019 05 20 at 12.51.49 pm

Screen Shot 2019 05 20 at 12.51.49 pm

Speaking from Sampsounta, where Mustafa Kemal Ataturk launched the horrific massacre of hundreds of thousands of Greeks over 100 years ago, Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan yesterday denied the Pontic Genocide, claiming there was, "No genocide. We were the ones who lost women and children and old people."

At the historic dam of Samsounta, on the day marking the 100th Anniversary of the Pontic Genocide, Erdogan again denied that there was a genocide of the Pontians, stating Turkey was not accountable and responsible for the disappearance of millions. "There is nothing Turks should feel ashamed of. No genocide, no tyranny, and no action to make this nation feel ashamed, despite the enormous pain and loss experienced by the Ottomans and Turks in the last two centuries. The only and greatest genocide of the Equality was that against the Turks with the fall of the Ottoman Empire," Erdogan insisted. 

"During the First World War, the Ottomans fought bravely on four fronts but received backlash. We once again lost millions of women, children and old people," he added. 

"There is no mistake. The greatest answer we gave to betrayal was to persecute them. Despite the testimonies of history and recordings in the archives, those who blame us for over a century have been persistently overlooking the persecution suffered by our people, "said Erdogan. "When they find an opportunity they try to break us apart when they find an opportunity from outside, they try to capture us," said the Turkish President.  

In a message to his country and his people, Erdogan announced, "Long live the free, independent and powerful Turkey. May 19th is the day 100 years ago, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, arrived at Samsun and began our national struggle. May 19th is the day that we took our lands from the invaders, it is the day of national will, unanimity, and national awakening."

"May 19th is the day of our nation's resurrection. May 19th is the first step for our freedom and independence. Dear young people. Just like yesterday, you will protect this country today against the fires of evil and treason against our freedom and independence," he added.