Greek Reality TV star dies in a tragic motorbike accident on his 28th birthday

Screen Shot 2019 05 31 at 3.32.11 pm

Screen Shot 2019 05 31 at 3.32.11 pm

The winner of last year’s Greek reality television show “Power of Love” Panos Zarlas, who was turning 28 years old today, tragically lost his life in a horrific motorcycle accident on his birthday.

Reports claim it was about 2 am in the morning on Friday the 31st of May when the motorbike Panos Zarlas was riding, overturned at Syngrou Avenue in Athens.

The motorbike ended up smashing into a fence railing, causing instant death, as reports reveal Zarlas was not wearing a helmet.

The popular young reality television star, who shot to fame last year after winning the high-rating series was to celebrate his 28th birthday today.

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“Power of Love” is a reality show that serves as a social experiment where contestants compete individually, with a goal of finding love. Panos won the show last year along with Stella Mizeraki, a fellow contestant who he started a relationship with, however they split shortly after.

The pair went on to host their own television program on SKAI, making the former couple very popular nationwide.