Man dies after fire rages through Fyli in Attica



A 49-year-old man has died after a fire broke out in Fyli, Attica, with fighter fighters desperately battling separate fires that broke out near the Greek capital on Sunday, in grass and shrubland very near the Fyli landfill in Attica and a second on the island of Aegina.

The fire on Aegina, burning dry grass and low vegetation, was partially under control while reinforcements have been sent to put out the fire near the landfill.

According to reports, 49-year-old man and father of a young child was found by firemen in a factory near the Fyli fire. He was taken to hospital but was later pronounced dead.

The fire brigade said that the fire was continuing to blaze near various factories and manufacturing enterprises in the area, none of which are currently in any danger.

Two teams, one with eight firefighters and four fire engines, and another with 18 fire-fighters with nine fire engines are currently fighting the fire in Fyli, assisted by two teams of fire-fighters on foot, three municipality water carriers and two airplanes and two helicopters from the air.