Athens offers a cool solution to citizens during heatwave

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As the dangerous heatwave continues to ravage western Europe, Greece’s capital has come up with a ‘cool solution’ to tone down the heat afflicting its citizens during the dangerous heatwave period.

Specifically, Athens municipality announced its decision to open air-conditioned areas in its Friendship Clubs in central Athens neighbourhoods from Wednesday until Friday, to assist the public in view of an anticipated heatwave.

The air-conditioned spaces will be open to anyone that needs them from 08:00 to 20:00 over the next days.

The spaces  are located on the corner of Mamouri and 22 Dymis Street in the Agios Pavlos district, 26-28 Drakou Street in the Koukaki district, 15 Heldraich Street in Neos Kosmos, Exoneon and Myrmidonon in Petralona, 9 Aimonos Street and Astrous off Kolokynthous, 372 Acharnon Street in Agios Eleftherios, 6 Xenagora in Aghios Meletios and on the corner of Panormou and 25 Vatheos in Ambelokipi.