British Airways plane makes a terrifying landing at Skiathos Airport (VIDEO) 3

Dramatic footage has captured tourists taking selfies and photos as a British Airways plane lands at Skiathos Airport just a few metres above their heads.

As the aircraft, an Embraer E190 whizzes past hoards of people with cameras, many were forced to duck for cover.

British Airways plane makes a terrifying landing at Skiathos Airport (VIDEO) 4

A couple was even “pushed off” the ledge they were on by the power of the jet blast.

The airport, which has in fact been dubbed the “European St Maarten”, regularly sees low landings, however, this one was particularly terrifying for plane spotters. And although there are warning signs at the airport saying “danger please keep away from aircraft blast”, many holidaymakers head to the airport each day just to catch a glimpse of the low landings.

This video was published by Cargospotter who says, “Skiathos Airport or as many of us aviation enthusiasts call it “the European St Maarten” is one of the craziest airports in Europe. Airplanes land and depart right behind a small road and the airport of Skiathos became one of the main tourist attractions of the Greek island.”

He added, “low landings and jet blasts can be observed on a daily basis and last week we filmed an incredible low British Airways Embraer E190 landing. The people who were watching the planes were pushed from the wall by the wake turbulence of the Embraer.”

*You can watch it here for yourself-