Fire resurges on Evia



Aircrafts and firefighters continue to fight the large fire burning in central Evia since Tuesday, with the latest reports stating that the wildfire has flared up again at different spots.

As reported by GCT, a state of emergency was declared after the blaze broke out, ignited by strong winds and high temperatures.

Although conditions had improved by Wednesday morning, new blazes continue to challenge firefighting efforts.

Firefighters are also focusing on the fire front near the area of Platania, one of the four villages that were evacuated on Tuesday.

Officials have given an update on the situation, stating that four villages and hundreds of people were evacuated as a precaution on Tuesday, and one firefighter has been hospitalised after suffering burns.

Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis was also briefed on the situation at the Fire Department's mobile coordination centre "Olympos" on Evia earlier today, and said that he has "already asked for the immediate assessment of the disaster in order to initiate the relevant procedures so that stricken farmers may be compensated," and  the area can begin its natural and time-consuming comeback after the catastrophe.

The PM further congratulated everyone who contributed and continues to contribute to the firefighting efforts.

Civil Protection Secretary General Nikos Hardalias also noted that as the winds are strong and the fire continues to burn in Evia, he has called on the public to "be very careful and avoid actions that may create out-of-control situations."