Greek coffee truck makes its debut in LA

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By Athena Mavromatis 

If you’re in the LA area and need your Greek caffeine-fix, look no further than Little Greek Coffee House mobile coffee shop! The coffee truck is the brainchild of Greek-Cypriot actor/producer, Alexandro (Alexi) Stavrou. You may recognise Alexi from the old Cypriot TV series’ such as 'Se Fondo Kokkino', where he played “Alex”, or 'To Mithen' where he starred as “Marios”. Perhaps you even caught a glimpse of him on 'General Hospital' as "Spiros". When you can’t catch him on the big screen, you can always find Alexi in his handmade coffee trailer in Hollywood and Santa Monica, and on occasion, you can find him at special events and concerts.

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Alexi started building his dream mobile coffee shop back in 2015. After injuring his back from building it all alone, he took a break from his project. During his three and a half year hiatus, he made some movies, wrote some movie scripts, and even sold a movie script in order to fund his dream. That big lump-some helped him complete Little Greek Coffee House and debut it to the world in March of 2019.

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The actor travels to a new city in LA county everyday, and is open from 7am-7pm. Alexi runs it all by himself and handmakes every Nescafe Frappe, Eliiniko café, Nescafe Frappe bowl (a dessert created by Stavrou), and his other caffeinated creation, the “Spicy Greek”! All of his products are organic and imported straight from Greece and offers goods such as Zagori water, Loux soft drinks, Tuvunu iced tea, and of course…Greek coffee.

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When Alexi isn’t mixing up a Frappe at Little Greek Coffee House, he’s producing for upcoming films. One that will give you thrills and another that will take us back to the times of the very first Greek Olympics that we can expect in the near future!

You can follow Alexi on his next adventure on Instagram at @LittleGreekCoffee and give him a “like” on Facebook.