Erdogan photographed in front of “Turkey, Blue Homeland" map



A photograph has emerged of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, standing in front of a map that depicts half of the Aegean Sea as well as the eastern coast of Crete belonging to Turkey.

The image was taken over the weekend when he was signing the visitors’ book at the National Defense University in Istanbul.

The map which is titled “Turkey, Blue Homeland,” portrays a 462,000 square kilometer area that Ankara claims as its own.

Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias dismissed the photo during an interview with Alpha 98.9 FM on Monday, stating that it was a "public relations stunt," adding that Turkey could continue to “act like the region’s troublemaker” but Greece had no intention of responding in kind.

“States’ borders are not defined by whatever map some ministry decides to draw, but on the basis of international law," he continued.

The FM also commented about Turkey's ongoing violations in Cyprus's exclusive economic zone. “Cyprus is an independent European Union state. It is clear that, along with its sovereignty, Turkey is also violating the Republic of Cyprus’ sovereign rights. We hope Turkey falls in line,” he stated.

*Source: Ekathimerini