Greek journalist falls off his chair live on air (VIDEO)

Greek journalist

Greek journalist

There was a time when embarrassing mishaps and blunders on live TV would be seen then forgotten about. However with today’s technology, we can capture that footage and replay it, as in this case that saw a journalist slip out of the chair during a political discussion.

The incident occurred on Greek TV station Ant-1, when suddenly one of the panelists, journalist Yiannis Stratakis slipped out of the chair and disappeared out of the camera frame.

The other guests next to him reacted quickly to make sure he was fine. Mr. Stratakis wasn’t hurt, quickly got back up and then the panelists all laughed at what just happened.

The mishaps, blunders and ‘incidents’ on live TV are funny for the viewer, but not so much for the ‘victims’.

*Watch the video here-