A total of 28 dogs have tragically been found dead in Florina, Macedonia after a mass poisoning took place over the last few days.

Arcturos, a Greek environmental conservation organisation has published images of the dogs who were poisoned in the areas of Skrithros, Aetos and Nymphaoi.

According to the organisation most of the dogs were owned by local farmers in the area and were used for breeding.

The not-for-profit organisation has strongly condemned the incident, which killed so many innocent animals.

Απίστευτης έκτασης μαζική δηλητηρίαση σκύλων στο Σκλήθρο, τον Αετό και το Νυμφαίο Φλώρινας σημειώθηκε πριν από λίγες…

Posted by ΑΡΚΤΟΥΡΟΣ – ARCTUROS on Monday, 16 September 2019

The poison was found by a specially trained dog and the organisation has tried to clean up the chemicals so that no other animals are harmed.

Members of Arcturos said the poison used was very lethal and also dangerous to humans who come into contact with it.