Migrants in Lesvos attack firefighters and scream “Kill Police” during riots at Moria Camp

Screen Shot 2019 09 30 at 6.05.10 pm

Screen Shot 2019 09 30 at 6.05.10 pm

Greek police say the migrant crisis in Lesvos is "out of control" after hundreds of illegal migrants residing at Moria Camp turned on firefighters and police, who were called to the site after several migrant men set fires inside and outside the camp on Sunday, killing a migrant mother and her child.

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Posted by Giorgos Dinos on Sunday, 29 September 2019


"There was very aggressive behavior and it is very lucky we had no other victims yesterday," Lesvos Police Chief Vasilis Rodopoulos, told Thema radio station 104.6.

Locals, as well as police on the island, are calling for emergency intervention following the fires and riots that broke out at the camp on Sunday.

According to Chief Rodopoulos, hundreds of migrants attacked police and firefighters who tried to extinguish the flames. They also threw large stones at fire vehicles, smashing their windows.

Locals interviewed by a reporter from Skai's television show Simera said they are now scared to live on the island and are considering moving away, as they fear their families may also come under attack.

Describing what happened on Sunday afternoon, Rodopoulos told Thema 104.6, “For the first time in recent years, they were shouting “kill police.’”

“The situation was completely out of control. They were very aggressive and didn't let the firefighters put out the flames. When they saw the woman’s body being carried away, they became more hostile and we are lucky there were no more casualties,”  said Mr Rodopoulos.

"We cannot tackle this alone," he added, describing that "13,000 people from over 17 different countries are currently housed at the Moria Reception Center."

According to reports, the migrants were protesting against their living conditions and want to be moved out of Lesvos and onto Greece’s mainland, as they are not happy with their sleeping situation and the food given to them at Moria Camp.

Several migrants took footage of the fire on their phones and posted them on social media, and also sent them to international media, saying the fire started inside Moria camp due to electrical faults. They also claim the riots only began after police fired teargas against them because they were protesting against the "firefighters that were too slow to respond to the blaze."

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  1. I am hoping that the army has moved in to control there terrorists. They need to be forced onto an empty cargo ship and sent back to Erdogan the Wretched