Indian market gives Greek apples the green light  



Large amounts of Greek apples will soon be available across India after the Indian Ministry of Agriculture gave Greek fruit growers the final approval to begin exporting their red and green apples.

The Greek Agriculture Ministry announced this week that this opens the way for Greek fruit producers to contact local plant health control services for details on export requirements.

The request to the Indian government for exports of Greek apples to India began in 2016 when the Greek agriculture ministry first submitted its application.

Negotiations on technical details followed after Indian authorities completed the evaluation and in 2018 a test consignment of Greek apples was sent to India.

Greece is the first country in the European Union to complete the test shipment successfully and has now been given the green light to enter the Indian market.

Mr. Kamaruddeen, Managing Director of Aeden Fruits was one of the first importers to test Greek apples in the Indian market and says he was “so impressed by Greek apples, we have permanently made them available in India.”

Mr. Kamaruddeen told FreshPlaza, “The opening of the Indian market for these Greek apples made us think about paying the country a visit. We did, and I was really impressed by the quality of the apples they produce. The impression lasted, as I decided we should make these apples available in India. We’re truly honored to be the pioneer to introduce them to the Indian people.”

Aeden Fruits was approved to bring in eight containers but with the new permanent approval from authorities in India, they expect to import approximately 95 containers per season.

“Greece produces some of the best quality apples around the world, making them available in the Indian market is a positive thing in itself. We can all enjoy the best quality apples of Greece without having to visit the country ourselves,” Mr. Kamaruddeen noted.