Government rejects Greek terrorist’s furlough request

Dimitris Koufodinas

Dimitris Koufodinas

Convicted November 17 terrorist, Dimitris Koufodinas applied for another furlough request which was rejected unlike previous applications under the SYRIZA government.

According to an announcement from the prison council of Volos, where Koufondinas is serving multiple life sentences, the administration unanimously rejected his furlough request.

It was noted that the prison's director and a social worker rejected Koufodina's request for an exit pass from jail, while the prosecutor also rejected it, having always vetoed Koufodinas' furlough requests.

Koufodinas has the right to appeal against his furlough rejection, but the Misdemeanors Council of Volos has always rejected them.

Dimitris Koufodinas has been sentenced to 11 life sentences plus 25 years in prison for his part in some 11 homicides carried out by 17N. He has received a total of eight furloughs between 2017 and 2019.