Mary Katrantzou presents stunning 'Ancient Greek inspired' collection at Sounio

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On Thursday evening, Greece’s leading fashion designer Mary Katrantzou showcased her stunning new Spring Summer 20 collection at the Temple of Poseidon in Sounio, becoming the first designer to do so.

While other global fashion houses have been unsuccessful in their attempts to stage catwalk events inside the ancient Greek monument, Katrantzou’s show was extremely special as not only did it mark her brand’s 10-year anniversary, all proceeds will be given to kids cancer organisation, Elpida.

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Katrantzou has worked with Greek charity Elpida, founded by Marianna Vardinoyannis, which helps and supports children suffering from cancer, to stage the event. The show was entirely dedicated to raising funds through ticket sales and donations that will go towards kids cancer.

Titled “Wisdom Begins in Wonder”, the new collection was presented at the Temple of Poseidon at Cape Sounion, and before the show, Katrantzou told the fashion press that this collection is her most personal to date. “At the back of mine and my team’s mind was always the idea that we were doing it to raise awareness and money for Elpida and to do our best.”

The collection Katrantzou said was inspired by ideas from Ancient Greece, including quotes from famous Ancient Greek philosopher Socrates, who Katrantzou said was a major source of motivation.

The couture collection featured shades of green, gold, silver and pastels, with Katrantzou using fine materials including feathers, embroideries, and tulles that were matched with pieces from high-end jewellery brand Bulgari, whose founder Sotirios Bulgari, also hailed from Greece.

The models wore flat Ancient Greek sandals, and their dramatic hair and make-up complemented the stunning pieces, which have received rave reviews from the fashion world.

Mary Katrantzou’s Dream Show at the Temple of Poseidon