Greek American presenter Maria Menounos reveals her mum’s brain tumour has come back

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Greek American presenter Maria Menounos has shared details of her mother Litsa's recent medical results, revealing that she has had a brain tumour recurrence.

“My mum, we found out recently, has had a tumour recurrence,” the reporter said on her 'Better Together' podcast on Monday.

“When you have glioblastoma, that’s to be expected in a sense, but something that you never want to hear happen. So, it’s been a rough little time...and so I woke up with a vision and asked God where do I take her? What do I do? And last time I took her to Mexico, so I thought I’ll take her there again.”

Maria herself was diagnosed with a benign brain tumor while her mother Litsa was battling her initial diagnosis and since her recovery, she has been working on a special podcast called “Better Together” that brings health experts and celebrities on the show to discuss life improvement tips.

Maria also told her listeners that recent tests revealed her mother’s blood cells’ “killing ability has gone down tremendously,” which she believes is due to the tumour coming back.

The former E! News host said she is sending her mother to seek treatment in Mexico to get more thorough testing, which is not offered in the U.S.

“It’s funny because our medical system, because of the limitations financially and so much more, you know, they test your blood for like your A1C and your thyroid and your cholesterol and just a few things like but they’re not checking your inflammation markers,” stressed Menounos.

However, Maria went on to tell her audience that in Mexico, they have more thorough checks, “and so they’re going to do all the immune system boosting things, like the Vitamin C drips and natural killer cell. So, I’m super excited about the prospects of just what this will do for her and hopefully, we will avoid radiation.”

Maria also revealed she calls her mother every day and asks how she is, however, because her brain isn’t “working properly and she forgets,” Litsa didn’t mention any of her new symptoms until it "became a 911 situation."

“Everything is on me to keep her alive,” says the television star who is remaining very positive and constantly thanking her followers for their ongoing support.

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