Deputy Mayor proudly drapes entire home with giant Greek flag to celebrate ‘Oxi Day’

Dep Mayor

Dep Mayor

To commemorate ‘Oxi Day’, Greece’s national holiday today, October 28, Deputy Mayor of the Municipality of Argos-Mycenae, Yannis Athanasopoulos has proudly draped his entire home with a giant Greek flag.

Located in Neos Kios a village in the Peloponnese, the 140 square metre flag was placed over his entire house on Saturday, in time for today’s 28th of October celebrations.


Traditionally, people all over Greece and Greeks worldwide bring out their Blue and White flags on ‘OXI Day’ and display them on their balconies or front windows to commemorate the event of the country’s heroic entry to WWII on the side of the Allies.

Today Greeks around the world commemorate 28 October 1940, OXI Day, when former Prime Minister of Greece Ioannis Metaxas said: “OXI” (NO) to an ultimatum made by Italian Prime Minister Benito Mussolini, an ally of Nazi leader Adolf Hitler.


It is not the first time the flag has been placed over the Deputy Mayor’s home; he also displayed the large flag on 25 March earlier this year to commemorate Greece’s 1821 War of Independence against the Ottoman Empire.

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