Group of girls parade inappropriately during ‘OXI Day’ march in Athens (VIDEO) 2

A group of unknown girls took part in the ‘Oxi Day’ parade in the suburb of Nea Philadelphia in Athens, on October 28 and acted inappropriately as they laughed, and waved their arms and legs around, mocking Greece’s important day of commemoration.

The Mayor of Nea Philadelphia said the “embarrassing act” of girls were dressed as pupils, however, they were not students from any of the schools that participated in the march.

According to a report by Fx-news, which posted the video, the group has nothing to do with the schools of New Philadelphia-New Halkidona and it seems as though the group just crashed the parade and purposely mocked the ‘Oxi Day’ celebrations.

The group is said to have been spotted just before the schools reached the central square where the official service was to take place.

The girl in the center of the group holding the Greek flag was the only one marching appropriately, whereas the others were waving their arms and legs and trying hard to grab the attention of the locals who were left shocked with their inappropriate behaviour.

*Watch the video here-