Prime Minister promises to restore order and security in Greece



Greece’s Prime Minister on Sunday morning broadcasted his promise to tackle terrorism on Skai TV during an interview.

The interview comes a week away from the commemoration day of November 17, which traditionally sees protests and anarchist confrontation with police on the day.

The Greek PM made the comments in the context of the weekend police raid on a suspected domestic terrorist cell which saw two men arrested and 15 detained.

In reference to the raid, Mitsotakis said that " a very dangerous operational branch of neo-terrorism in Greece" was dismantled, noting that a methodical operation had led to a water-tight court file, now in the hands of justice.

The Prime Minister went on to congratulate the Counterterrorism Service for its work and stressed that "slowly but surely, security and order is being restored in Greece,” adding that 1,500 new police staff were completing their studies shortly and that the former Delta motorcycle unit of the police, for immediate response to serious incidents, would be reintroduced.

"Greek citizens will feel safe again," PM Mitsotakis said, "and this is a commitment."

He also referred to an investigation of the Economic University premises by police on Sunday morning, underlining that universities should be handed over to students "and end be put to hideouts, destructive rioters and firebomb-making labs."

He said that sweeps related to security would continue to be held throughout Greece.

"This policy is not related to party affiliations - right, left or centre. The public's protection is an obligation of the state," he underlined.

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