Greek airline carrier Astra faces liquidation



Small Greek airline carrier Astra cancelled several flights over the weekend due to serious financial problems and is currently facing liquidation.

 On Saturday, flights from Ikaria and Limnos to Thessaloniki as well as the Thessaloniki to Heraklion flights were cancelled.

According to the company, passengers were informed of the cancellations by text messages and were told it was due to “operational reasons”.

The airline has also disabled its booking system on their website and released the following statement:

“The company would like to inform the public that with regards to the recently cancelled flights, requests for compensation for passengers will be examined and answered by 15-11-2019. We apologise for the inconvenience caused and are working for the smooth and orderly continuation of our flights.”

Greece’s Civil Aviation Authority (HCAA) said it would be assessing whether the airline would be able to continue operations and are currently assessing if the company is viable after the number of cancellations.

According to reports, the airline has until Wednesday 13 November to find an investor.

The company also said that “claims for passenger compensation would be examined and answered by November 15, 2019”.