Severe storms in Greece leave one man dead and another missing



Greece’s severe weather phenomena dubbed “Geryon” has brought with it heavy rain, storms, hail, and strong wind, causing a sailboat in Antirrio to capsize, leaving one man dead and another still missing.

According to reports, the two men boarded the sailboat docked on the east pier of Antirrio. Due to strong winds of 7-8 Beaufort blowing in the area, the sailboat overturned and sank.

One man was found dead and his friend is still missing and with winds reaching as high as ten, rescuers are unable to dive into the water to try and find him.

The meteo service of Athens National Observatory has issued warnings as the storm is expected to will bring heavy rainfall and rainstorms in the region of Attica and in Athens from early Monday until the evening.

The adverse weather conditions are going to affect Greece with heavy rainfall and gale-force southern winds until Tuesday.

Ferries carrying out the routes Poros-Kyllini, and Sami-Patras will remain docked at the ports of Kefalonia due to the gale-force winds blowing in the Ionian Sea.
Meanwhile, the sea route Kyllini-Zakynthos will be closed until early Monday.

Currently, strong winds up to 9 on the Beaufort scale are blowing in the Ionian Sea.

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