Greek Priest makes dream come true for little boy battling cancer


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Father Nikolaos from the Church of Metamorfosis Tou Sotiriou in Thessaloniki is being praised for visiting the Paediatric Oncology Clinic at the Hippocratio Hospital of Macedonia every night where he spends time with young children battling cancer.

The Priest says he wants to try and help as many young kids diagnosed with cancer, as he can, by talking with them, praying, and spreading faith, hope, and love.

While visiting the ward this week, a little boy battling cancer revealed he wanted to become a Priest and Father Nikolaos immediately dressed him in his clergy uniform.

“This is the youngest Greek Orthodox Priest in the world. He wanted to become a Priest and of course, we wanted to make his wish come true. So now I want you to meet my successor at the Hippocratio Hospital,” said Father Nikolaos.

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