Greek Australian singer who attacked a 92-year-old while intoxicated is released from jail 2

An intoxicated Greek Australian woman from Melbourne, who robbed and bashed a 92-year-old lady last year, leaving the elderly woman with permanent injuries has been released from jail by a Victorian judge.

Jenny Konstan, a 40-year-old former Greek singer who performed at the Bouzoukia in Melbourne, stole the elderly woman’s bag and pushed her onto the road causing severe injuries, including eight broken ribs and permanent injury to her pubic bone.

Konstan was already serving a community corrections order when she robbed and attacked her 92-year-old victim Barbara Douglas, who was in fact trying to help Konstan during the time of the attack.

According to reports, Mrs Douglas noticed the woman trying to get a ride outside Box Hill RSL and offered her advice on how she could get to the Kew Junction via tram. As the elderly lady walked off, Konstan grabbed her handbag and wrestled her onto the road.

Mrs Douglas hit the road hard, sustaining horrific injuries as Konstan fled off, leaving the victim on the floor with severe injuries.

The 92-year-old spent weeks in hospital and required rehabilitation, and now only walks with the assistance of a frame.

Mrs Douglas told the court how before the attack, she was a very independent woman who spent her time volunteering and helping others in the community, however, the horrific incident has caused her both physical and emotional distress that changed her life forever.

It was reported that Konstan rocked back and forth in tears as her sentence was received, sobbing “It’s horrible,” as Judge Allen addressed the court. However, Judge Allen has accepted Konstan’s apology for her actions and took into account she had been self-medicating for depression at the time. He said the community ought to be satisfied with his sentence, which saw Konstan jailed for a year and placed on a three-year community corrections order with 400 hours of community service.

With time already served, Konstan has now walked free to undertake her community service.