'Zenobia' sweeps the country with cold weather and snow



The National Observatory of Athens meteorological service, has reported that the ongoing 'Zenobia' weather system will continue in Greece until Monday.

'Zenobia' will mainly affect the eastern and southern parts of the country with freezing temperatures, rain, sporadic storms and snowfall even in lowlands. 

In many islands of the Aegean and Crete, there will be heavy rain and thunderstorms as well as snowstorms in mountainous and semi-mountainous areas. 

Snow is also expected in Viotia, Fthiotida, North Evia, Magnesia and parts of Attica, especially from Sunday night.

The General Secretariat for Civil Protection advises that citizens be very careful and take extreme caution. In particular, in areas where heavy rainfall, thunderstorms or snowstorms are forecasted:

  • Secure objects which, if carried away by severe weather, may cause damage or injury.
  • Ensure that the house's gutters are not clogged and functioning properly.
  • Avoid crossing streams on foot or by car, during thunderstorms and rainfalls, but also for several hours after.
  • Avoid rural activities and activities in marine and coastal areas during severe weather conditions (risk of lightning strikes).
  • Be protected immediately during a hail storm. Refuge in a building or in a car and leave the safe area only when the storm has passed. Hail can also be very dangerous for animals.
  • Avoid crossing under large trees, under hanging signs and generally in areas where light objects (eg pots, broken glass, etc.) can detach and fall to the ground (eg under balconies).
  • To follow strictly the instructions of the competent local authorities.