Greek students stage protest at British Museum for return of Parthenon Sculptures (VIDEO)



Greek students from Crete, on a school excursion to London, visited the British Museum and staged a protest for the return of the Parthenon Sculptures.

The teenagers, accompanied by the resident of the Gouves Cultural Association, Angela Haristakis, sat in front of the Caryatid marble and sang “Tzivaeri”, which is a Greek song describing the suffering and ongoing battle of Greeks living abroad. The students symbolically sang this to the Caryatid marble, as they believe the Greek Sculptures are suffering from being in a foreign land.

“We decided to visit the British Museum and can I tell you, it is not at all pleasant to see the stolen Parthenon Sculptures and the Caryatid marbles here,” said Mrs. Haristakis, adding, “Our eyes were filled with tears and utter frustration.”

The teacher and students also held up the Greek flag and conducted a survey in London titled, "Your Thoughts on Greece,” asking tourists if they believe the Parthenon Sculptures should be returned to Greece.

“I can tell you that 100% of the tourists said yes, they want to see the Sculptures returned to Greece and we handed over the results with a letter to the British Museum,” said Mrs. Haristakis.

*Watch the video here-