Evzones to visit Kalymnos for the first time in history



By Drossoulla Mavromatis

The presidential guard, Greece's pride and joy are set to visit Kalymnos for the first time in the history of the island on March 7, 2020, for the 72nd parade celebration of the Dodecanese.

On March 7, Dodecanese Islands celebrate the anniversary of a historic milestone, when the twelve islands of the Aegean Sea fully integrated with the modern Greek state [Hellenic Republic], after many years of being under foreign rule.

The Hellenic President this year will be sending eleven executives and Evzones all together, who will represent the Presidential Guard at the commemorative event.

From Homer’s epic poems to Byzantine Empire’s final moments and from the Greek War of Independence to the modern Hellenic Republic- the Evzones- the elite light infantry of the Greek Army, have always stood proudly in history’s first line.

With their origins lost in the labyrinth of the nation’s ancient tradition, the Presidential Guard as we know it today was founded on December 12, 1868, during the first decades of the Greek independent state, as a combatant and ceremonial force that -among other duties- was tasked with King Otto’s safety.

According to Kalymnos-news.gr, governor of the island Manoli Mouselli is the reason behind bringing the guard to the island. After contacting Prodiki Froura and making a request to have a petition for them to join the celebration, Mouselli was successful. This is a very exciting event for the island and one that the locals will not forget! Stay tuned with us here at GCT for updates on the event!

*Images by Nick Bourdaniotis/Bourdo Photography (Copyright)

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