Turkey slams EU sanctions calling them null, void and biased



The Turkish government reacted strongly yesterday to the European Union’s adoption of a sanction list against Turkey over its illegal drilling activities in Cyprus, calling them null and void.

In a statement issued on Friday, the Turkish Ministry said that the EU adoption of the sanction list which includes names of two Turkish Petroleum officials ‘is a new example of its biased and unlawful attitude under the pretext of union solidarity.’

“The sanction which was announced according to the EU decision of 11 November 2019 has no value for us and it is null and void.

“This unfair policy against Turkey’s and Turkish Cypriots’ legitimate rights contradicts both the international law and the EU acquis.

“Whatever decision it takes, it is a futile effort for the EU to dictate the Greek-Greek Cypriot duo’s maximalist maritime boundary claims on Turkey. The EU cannot act as an international court. It cannot portray un-delimited and disputed maritime jurisdiction areas as final maritime boundaries.

“It is most unfortunate to see that the EU still keeps ignoring the rights of Turkey and Turkish Cypriots and has become the hostage of Greek-Greek Cypriot duo’s maximalist claims and policies. The EU should have rather supported dialogue and cooperation in the Eastern Mediterranean.

“The sanction decision will not affect Turkey’s determination to protect its own rights and that of Turkish Cypriots’ in the Eastern Mediterranean. On the contrary, it will further strengthen our resolve,” the statement concluded