Government keen to prevent Greek economy falling ill to coronavirus

greek economy
greek economy
*Image source: Economy Today

Greece’s Finance Minister Christos Staikouras on Tuesday announced that the Mitsotakis government was ready to take specific measures for each possible scenario of consequences from the spreading of coronavirus in the Greek economy.

Staikouras made the announcement during a briefing of a parliamentary commission on developments in the revision of fiscal regulations in the EU, the deepening of EMU and the European Green Deal among others.

The minister noted that the impact of the coronavirus will be discussed during an extraordinary meeting of the Eurogroup through a teleconference on Wednesday March 3rd “to assess the situation and to take all necessary actions on European and national level.”

“We are dealing with the problem with responsibility, we are examining the consequences of the problem, we are reviewing all alternative solutions and we have specific measures for each scenario in an emergency,” Staikouras said, adding that Greece was coordinating its contacts with representatives of the economy currently affected, or likely to be affected, by the spreading of the coronavirus, in order to take the necessary actions.