Greek President expresses support to Italy during its coronavirus lockdown

Sergio Mattarella

Sergio Mattarella

Greece’s President Prokopios Pavlopoulos, on Tuesday spoke on the phone with his Italian counterpart President Sergio Mattarella.

Pavlopoulos expressed the full support of the Greek people to the Italian people during the difficult times they are experiencing as a result of the spread of coronavirus.

He also expressed his best wishes that the ordeal will soon be over.

Meanwhile in Greece, the Municipality of Thessaloniki announced the cancellation of a Holocaust Memorial march scheduled to take place on Sunday, March 15 due to the coronavirus outbreak.

"The memorial march is a very important event for the city and has unfortunately been postponed due to the coronavirus and the restrictions imposed by the Health Ministry," the President of Thessaloniki municipal council, Drosos Tsavlis stated to ANA News Agency, adding that a new date for the march will probably be set.

The Holocaust march begins every year at Eleftherias Square and ends at the old railway station from where the city's Jews were loaded on to "death trains" on March 15, 1943 and taken to Auschwitz.