Coronavirus in Greece: the latest update



Greece has confirmed that the total number of coronavirus cases has risen to 117.

Of these, ten are “orphan” cases not related to other groups of infected people.

Another 15 people are being tested for the deadly virus.

Health Ministry spokesman on coronavirus Sotiris Tsiodras, stated that most cases are located in the Attica region. He also explained that the government stepped up preventive measures because the key to limiting the spread of the virus is to restrict gatherings of many people in one area. “We are trying to delay the occurrence of en-masse infections, especially among people who are older,” he said.

This comes after Greece’s first coronavirus death was announced yesterday.

Tsiodras said that “if you are healthy and have mild symptoms, you do not need to get tested for the infection,” but the reverse is right for people with chronic illnesses and immunosuppression issues who have a fever and are coughing, who should contact hospitals designated for coronavirus tests.