Greek Government issues ‘Ten Commandments’ for responsible internet use during pandemic



Greece’s Ministry of Digital Governance on Monday, issued a set of recommendations for the responsible and rational use of telecommunications networks and the internet, while coronavirus physical movement restrictions are in force.

The government initiative was prompted by the need to ensure the optimum operation of emergency services during this period which will see increased telephone and internet usage.

The government’s ‘ten commandments’ are as follows:

  1. Avoid the use of online entertainment services during digital traffic rush-hours (from 09:00 am to 6:00 pm), to allow telecommunications networks to meet the most demanding needs of communication applications, professional office teamwork and distance learning, which are crucial to a large number of citizens and businesses  and critical to the functioning of the entire economy.
  2. If making a phone call, prefer landline networks instead of cellular networks. This avoids excessive traffic on the mobile telephony infrastructure.
  3. Avoid sending large digital files; if this is not possible, compress them, if technically feasible.
  4. Avoid sending bulk emails.
  5. Avoid unnecessary video calls, not only during rush hours but also at all times.
  6. Take advantage of collaborative teamwork platforms and technologies with colleagues and do not exclusively use dedicated video applications.
  7. Download to your computer only the files necessary and prefer to send a link to the file’s location as opposed to attaching the file itself.
  8. Keep electronic devices up-to-date with the latest versions of their software, following manufacturer's instructions, and also keep malware and digital virus protection software updated.
  9. Avoid letting children use streaming video platforms and social networks, and instead prompt them towards more creative, hands-on tasks.
  10. Adopt responsible internet etiquette. Consult with the National Public Health Organization's ( guidelines for the treatment of coronavirus and do not reproduce information or material that lacks scientific documentation.