Greek government announces what will remain open, after today’s shutdown

coronavirus supermarket

Greece’s Civil Protection Deputy Minister for Crisis Management, Nikos Hardalias announced that most retails outlets will be shut down as of today, 18 March, as part of efforts to contain the spread of the coronavirus in Greece following a global pandemic.

The list of businesses that will remain open after Wednesday include the following:

  • supermarkets, neighbourhood food stores, butcher stores, fish stores, bakeries, pastry shops, groceries and wine sellers
  • pharmacies and stores selling devices for mobility impaired people, and medical and industrial supplies and machines
  • opticians and stores selling hearing devices (by appointment only, after calling)
  • delivery services, room service, takeaway food (delivery and takeout stores are not allowed to have sit-down customers)
  • covered open markets (with restrictions as to the number of customers at a time)
  • gas stations
  • car and motorcycle repair shops, bicycle sale and repair stores
  • kiosks, mini-markets and small neighbourhood (‘psilika’) stores;
  • dry cleaners
  • courier companies
  • pet food stores, or stores selling animal feed or veterinary medicine
  • telecoms stores (with restrictions)
  • electricity and natural gas provider stores
  • plant fertilizers and agricultural material;
  • funeral parlours
  • retail stores at airports and ports of Greece (with restrictions)
  • retail stores that also serve customers through e-orders may keep that particular division open.
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