Turkish authorities set fire to camp on Evros border to force illegal immigrants to leave (VIDEO)

By 4 years ago

Breaking News: Turkish authorities have set fire to the tents housing illegal immigrants on their side of the Evros border.

According to reports, Turkish authorities are forcing the illegal immigrants onto busses to transport them to an unknown location.

One of the illegal immigrants caught up in the chaos posted on social media stating that: "It seems like the Turkish authorities are preparing for evacuation of the camp at Pazarkule/Edirne right now. Some people inside were told to pack their things, others had their shelter destroyed by police. Police have been telling our team as well as the people inside the camp that they will evacuate for a long time already, now it seems like they are really preparing for it. We don't know if or when it will happen, and nobody knows where the thousands of people still in the camp would be brought to. What we do know is that all the people that endured the situation for weeks and are still at the border now will not be leaving voluntarily."

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