Coronavirus in Greece: 71 new cases, total rises to 892



Health authorities in Greece announced that to date, there are 892 confirmed coronavirus cases in the country and a total of 27 fatalities.

Health Ministry spokesperson and infectious diseases expert Professor Sotiris Tsiodras, stressed that Greece is still in the middle, if not at the beginning, of the fight against coronavirus.

Of the 27 fatalities, he added that twenty-one are men and five are women.

Referring to the death of a German lecturer on the island of Crete, Tsiodras said he had thrombosis in the blood vessels of his lungs associated with the virus, which is not a frequent occurrence.

Speaking alongside Tsiodras, Greece’s Deputy Minister for Civil Protection Nikos Chardalias praised the vast majority of Greek citizens, who have understood the necessity of restriction measures and have complied with them.

People who want to leave their homes during the lockdown for one of the six reasons (listed below), must send an SMS to 13033 (free of charge), with their reason, name and home address. They must receive a reply before venturing out with their mobile phone and ID, otherwise they risk a 150-euro fine.

The reasons include:

  1. pharmacy, doctor
  2. basic needs or supermarket that doesn't deliver
  3. bank if e-banking not possible
  4. helping people in need
  5. funeral, baptism, wedding, or divorced parents' visitation rights
  6. outdoor exercise or pet walking