80 tonnes of anti-coronavirus protective equipment land in Greece

anti-coronavirus protective

anti-coronavirus protective

Greece’s Health Minister, Vassilis Kikilias on Wednesday announced the arrival of eighty tons of anti-coronavirus protective equipment ordered by the Greek state for hospital staff at Athens International Airport.

The cargo, which arrived from China’s Tianjin carried 250,000 FPP2-spec face masks, 125,000 Tyvec-spec protective suits, 200,000 foot covers, 30,000 protective glasses and 20,000 shields.

With workers at hospitals exposed to all the risks involved with fighting the coronavirus pandemic, Kikilias said that "in the midst of this global health crisis and shortage in supplies, we have been able to secure another large load of protective items, this time for Intensive Care Units, with money from the Greek State."

He added that the government will continue to support hospital staff, "who fight to keep us all healthy."