Greek American man, 48, dies from coronavirus

Aris Moraitis

Aris Moraitis

A 48-year-old Greek American man with no apparent underlying health conditions has died after contracting coronavirus, his family says.

According to his brother Evan, Aris Moraitis, 48, had symptoms of a simple cold two weeks ago, but over the days the symptoms became more serious as he developed a fever and severe stomach upset.

“He told me he had a cold two weeks ago. However, he began to have a fever and diarrhea. After a few days he went to the doctor, who advised him to go to the hospital emergency room. There he underwent an X-ray and was tested for coronavirus. Then, they gave him medication and sent him home,” he told The National Herald. Evan, who points out that his brother was rather reassuring and nothing foretold the tragic end.

“My brother lived alone. When we talked, he told me it wasn’t that bad. I don’t know if he was saying that so as not to upset me. All he asked me was to give him a bowl of hot soup on Monday. That’s what I did. I left it outside his door. On Tuesday, when I tried to contact him, I couldn’t find him. I went to the house and found him dead,” Moraitis told TNH.

As he points out, the late Aris was an introverted person, with 2-3 close friends, generally quiet and very hardworking. They also have a sister, who lives in Cyprus. The funeral was scheduled to take place on Friday with only very close family present due to the coronavirus measures.

Aris Moraitis is one of the youngest victims of the coronavirus in terms of the known cases from the New York Greek community.

*Source courtesy of The National Herald