Greek Americans invent cost effective ventilator (VIDEO)

Adcor Industries

Adcor Industries

Adcor Industries, an engineering and manufacturing facility in Baltimore’s Greektown neighbourhood (in the United States), have rolled out their first ventilator prototype that could soon help coronavirus patients.

The ventilators, which have been given the Greek name ‘ANASA’ (which means breath) are cheaper and faster to produce than conventional models, said Antonia Stavrakis, the company’s President.

Jimmy Stavrakis is the mastermind behind the ventilator created at Adcor Industries to help meet the growing demand across the country.

“There’s a shortage of ventilators right now and that this horrific pandemic is literally taking the breath away from countless people and causing their deaths,” he said.

The prototype has been shown to members of the governor’s office, several hospitals, and soon the FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration).

“We started with something as basic as this and then we started controlling the pressure through automation and volume and the rate of breath per minute and we’re able to accomplish the same thing a manual and automated ventilator does in a very simplistic design,” Jimmy added.

The President of Adcor, Antonia Stavrakis says it’s become a basic need that everyone deserves access to.

“If the payback that we get is one smile from a family’s live that we helped save a loved one that would make us all feel 10 feet tall here,” he concluded.

ANASA is ready for production as soon as it receives FDA approval.