MAJOR: Turkish soldiers shoot at Greek border protectors AGAIN

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202004291401142532 900x395 1

An alarm was sounded at around 22:00 last night at the Evros border crossing between Greece and Turkey, when Greek police and soldiers recorded shootings coming from boats on the river where Turks were located, according to Proto Thema.

It is unknown at this time whether they were members of the Turkish Armed Forces or members of the Turkish police special forces.

According to reliable information, the Turks fired fifty bullets at each of the two incidences that occurred.

Subsequent patrols on the Greek side in the area of ​​Tychero in Evros were placed on alert after the shootings.

About two hours later, around midnight on Thursday, the incident recurred. In this second incident, shots were fired by Turks on boats sailing on the Evros river in the area of ​​Tycheros.

Sources that spoke to Proto Thema confirmed the double incident that took place in Evros on Thursday night.

Because it was during the night, the sources did not know where the Turks were shooting at exactly or if they were live shots. The situation is being closely monitored, the same sources said.

Only yesterday the German Ministry of the Interior confirmed that a Turkish soldier fired a shot at 19:15 on Tuesday evening when German officials were on the other side of the border, as reported by Greek City Times.

This incident occurred near the Greek town of Tychero and after German border guards heard a shot from the Turkish side of the border on Tuesday evening, they immediately took cover.

Through a pair of binoculars, the German border guards saw a Turkish soldier aiming an automatic weapon at the Greek side from the other side of the river.

Then the Turkish soldier showed his middle finger and went back to his tent. Other soldiers shouted “come, come” and a short time later, six other Turkish soldiers had appeared and also aimed their guns at the German and Greek border guards.

It appears the Turks are desperately trying to kill a Greek soldier.