Coronavirus: Sunbathing in plexiglas boxes?



As the Grecian summer is less than a month away, a beach bar in Santorini installed plexiglas around their sunbeds, and stocked up on disposable towels and antiseptics, in order to protect beachgoers from coronavirus.

The owner of the beach bar restaurant 'Demilmar' located at Perissa Beach, installed the protective plexiglas, to ensure that visitors even during the pandemic, are able to go for a swim in a protected environment, without worrying about contracting the virus.

“We’ve seen similar constructions abroad and so we came up with the idea to do the same in Santorini, so that our customers feel as safe as possible,” the businessman Charlie Chahine told Protothema.

As social distancing measures are expected to stay in effect for months to come, Greek businesses continue to think “outside the box”.