Mitsotakis to Sakellaropoulou: This meeting "marks the transition to the next phase"

PM and President

PM and President

Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis met with the President of Hellenic Republic Katerina Sakellaropoulou on Monday, to brief her on the latest developments concerning the coronavirus and the economic aspects of the pandemic, underlining that his visit signals the start of the transition to the next phase of the great battle against Covid-19.

"Ι believe we have regained our trust. Our trust in the institutions, the state, in the behaviour of our fellow citizens - because this collective effort could never have succeeded unless we all felt that everyone was doing their share and that we were sharing the burden equally, whether this was the burden of staying at home or, in the future, the burden of the economic crisis," Mitsotakis stated.

On her part, Sakellaropoulou thanked Mitsotakis for launching the cooperation between them and noted that the conditions of isolation that Greeks experienced in the first phase of the health crisis had highlighted some positive facts. "The impressive maturity shown by everyone and the major contribution of the national health service and of the private sector but also of the delivery staff, the supermarket employees, everyone, including the self-restraint of the Church at the crucial moment. Truly everyone."

She also referred to the National Healthcare system and the major progress in the use digital technology during the crisis. "We saw that their great contribution to the national healthcare system was made not only thanks to the heroism of doctors, nurses, rescuers and everyone else. The private sector, all the fellow citizens who contributed, the workers, the deliverers, the people in the supermarkets, everyone. The important role and self-restraint of the church at the critical moment. I really think that everyone, for their part, has highlighted the best thing that should be done here. And we have had other positives, such as big steps in digital technology. These days I tried to think of the positive things we can 'take away' from this great ordeal. I believe that Greece succeeded in becoming a model for the management of the crisis because human lives were saved."

The PM reiterated his intention to keep the President fully briefed on developments: "I believe it is my institutional duty to brief you personally on all the unresolved issues the government is facing," he said.