Domestic violence reports spike during lockdown

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Calls to the General Secretariat for Family Policy and Gender Equality’s emergency hotline skyrocketed last month following the introduction of a public lockdown on March 23, which was aimed at curbing the spread of the coronavirus and is now being gradually eased.

The 15900 hotline received 1,760 calls reporting alleged acts of violence in April compared to 325 in March.

Seven out of ten cases of violence were reported by the victims themselves and three out of ten were reported by third parties, such as parents, children, siblings, neighbours and friends.

“It is clear that the information campaign in support of women victims of violence has motivated beneficiaries, as well as third parties, to contact the SOS line and report incidents of violence,” said Maria Syrangela, the Secretary-General for Family Policy and Gender Equality.

Based on age criteria, the majority of the group that called the SOS phone line was 40-54 (27%), followed by age group 25-39 (18%).

In March of 2019, 166 calls were made to the hotline.

*If you are in Greece and have experienced sexual assault, domestic or family violence, don't be afraid to call 15900.

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