Artists and culture sector workers protest in Syntagma Square



Artists and those employed in the broader culture sector, wearing face masks and gloves, gathered in front of Parliament on Thursday to demand support and a real solution to the problems they face as a result of the pandemic.

According to reports, approximately 2,000 people holding banners and flags, attended the protest while adhering to social distancing measures.

It must be noted that many artists performed live online for the rest of the county, who adhering to the government's regulations, stayed home ('Menoume Spiti').

“We stayed home but we didn’t stay silent,” the unions of artists said in a statement.


The unions of artists that organised the protest, also pointed out that the pandemic first impacted the arts and culture sector long before the lockdown was imposed, and highlighted the contribution of the sector to keeping morale within society high.

Actors, singers, technicians, artists, musicians, and staff from music and dance schools commented that "culture can only be saved when people are saved" and stressed the need to treat all branches of the arts equally.

"Our work was closed first and will be opened last. We can't stay on the ice. We can't pull the plug from one industry," Giota Negka stated.