Omonoia condemns racist Albanian media against Greek minority

2 24

2 24

Albanian journalist Marin Mema in a recent show on Albania's Top Channel, released video footage from a hidden camera inside the Greek Consulate in Argyrokastro (Αργυρόκαστρον, Albanian: Gjirokastër) in Northern Epirus, southern Albania, where conversations between an Albanian resident of the area and employees of the diplomatic service were recorded, as reported by Greek City Times.

“How are Albanian residents forced to declare being Greek in Albania? What is required of them from Omonoia? The plan is revealed by the hidden cameras and the threats of the Greek consulate,” said the introduction of the provocative show of Top Channel, which characterises the case as a “major scandal.”

Omonoia is the main organisation for the 120,000 strong indigenous Greeks of Northern Epirus, and released their own statement of the "extremely dangerous show of cultivating international hatred against the National Greek Minority" and called on the state to intervene "to prove that it is really interested in social cohesion and peace."

The Greek organisation emphasised that Mema "is a person on a mission where his financiers, motivators and guides are now well known."

"For the most part, this show was set up, this time using media that rejects good practices and analogous legislation on public information such as: hidden cameras, unintentional recording of the interlocutor, abuse of sick people, surveillance, etc. These ways have particularly hurt not only members of the [Greek] Unity for Human Rights Party in the recent past but the entire Albanian society," said the statement.

"They are exposed because, first and foremost, it is the duty of the intellectuals of the time to consolidate in society other principles and values. With the first obligation to respect the different minorities. This is what the European acquis imposes, especially on Europe Day, which is even when it chose to broadcast the disgusting show," the statement continued.

Omonoia then also called for those responsible for the video to be "held accountable for the consequences of systematic hatred cultivation against the Greek National Minority, its members and institutions."

The Greek organisation also warned that pushing for ultra-nationalism is a "dangerous game."

"The state must react immediately if it claims to be taking care of avoiding situations that cultivate international hatred and racism. For the most part, as is the case in favored states, it is its duty and we remind it that the protection of national and other minorities is a precondition for internal social cohesion, an inviolable condition for prosperity and progress."

Unfortunately Albanian media and state authorities have a long history of harassing and suppressing the Greek minority in Northern Epirus.