NATO head announces support for Libya's Muslim Brotherhood who aim to steal Greece's maritime space (VIDEO)

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NATO is ready to support Libya’s Muslim Brotherhood government led by Fayez al-Sarraj, NATO head Jens Stoltenberg said on Thursday in an interview with Italian daily La Repubblica.

“In Libya there is an arms embargo that needs to be respected by all sides,” Stoltenberg said. “However, this doesn't mean to put on the same level the forces led by Haftar and the government of Fayez al-Sarraj, the only one recognised by the UN."

“For this reason, NATO is ready to give its support to the government of Tripoli,” he said.

The Muslim Brotherhood Government of National Accord (GNA) was founded in 2015 under a UN-led political deal, and had a two year mandate, which expired in 2017.

Sarraj who has the direct backing of Turkey and support from many jihadist organisations in Libya has been under attack by the Libyan National Army led by Field Marshal Khalifa Belqasim Haftar since April 2019.

Haftar, a Philhellene, has support from many international players such as Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Greece and France, as well as Russia's Wagner Group paramilitary organisation.

He has since liberated the majority of the population and land from Muslim Brotherhood rule despite the fact that Turkey has sent thousands of Syrian terrorists, including ex-ISIS fighters, to Libya to defend the Muslim Brotherhood government.

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Lindsey Snell, an American journalist who was kidnapped by the Turkish-backed Al-Nusra terrorist organisation in Syria but escaped to Turkey to only be arrested by Turkish soldiers soon after crossing the border and imprisoned for two months on accusations of being a CIA agent, has created a new video that she says is "told through voice note interviews with the Syrians who went to Libya."

The video gives clips of Syrian terrorists who are fighting in Libya against the Libyan National Army on the promise they would be getting paid $2000-$2500 by Turkey.

However, the most startling admission from a terrorist in the must watch video seen below is when he says "We have Turkey, Qatar and the US with us. We are NATO, so every country is with us."

الجزء الأول من سلسلة مقاطع فيديو من 3 أجزاء للصحفية ليندسي سنيل تعرض مقابلات حصرية أجرتها مع المرتزقة السوريين في ليبيا من يناير حتى الآن.#قناة_ليبيا

Posted by ‎Libya's Channel - قناة ليبيا‎ on Thursday, 14 May 2020

Libya before it was destroyed by NATO in 2011 was the most prosperous country in all of Africa and its long-time leader Muammar Qaddafi was embarking on projects to liberate the continent from Western hegemony and neo-colonialism.

Now just as Libya is on the verge of once again liberating itself from Western and Turkish hegemony, Stoltenberg is once again confirming NATO's assurances that it will keep Libya weak and fragmented.

It remains to be seen how the entirety of NATO will react to Stoltenberg's announcement considering member states France and Greece vehemently oppose Sarraj. Turkey and Italy are taking a leading role in defending the Muslim Brotherhood in Libya.

However, as Turkey's economy continues to crash, with the lira recently reaching its lowest point to the U.S. dollar and three major banks at high risk of collapse, it is unlikely that it can continue to prop up the Muslim Brotherhood in Libya for much longer.

Just as NATO supported jihadist and terrorist forces in Syria, it is now supporting jihadist and terrorist forces in Libya who very openly and happily announce "we are NATO."

But we remind our readers that the GNA and Turkey also signed a maritime deal that carves up Greece's maritime space between them.

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So effectively, Stoltenberg has announced that NATO is supporting a Muslim Brotherhood government that has signed a deal with Turkey to carve up the maritime space of a fellow NATO member.

According to the United Nations Charter Law of the Sea, this is how the maritime space of the Eastern Mediterranean should be divided. It is little surprise that Turkey is only one of 15 countries in the whole world to not sign the United Nations Charter.

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But more critically, why is NATO conspiring with the Muslim Brotherhood against member state Greece?